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Newsletter 13 June 2022

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The power of working together

Our desire for a new earth is so great that we are almost bursting with energy! We would like to take you through our thought process. We believe in the power of numbers. After all, with many people we can achieve a lot with little effort. To make this dream a reality we need three million euros at this moment. We know that we are in transition to a New Earth and we will no longer need money there. Until then, we would like to work with large numbers of people who contribute a low amount. This goes as you can see in the picture below. Our dreams will become reality when one million people automatically donate €5 every month. You can now get an idea of what that might look like in a year or five years. Of course, our vouchers and certificates are still for sale in our shop.


Giving to the New Earth 

We will  make the purchased plot free again

We have been exploring for some time how we can let the earth be its own again. We believe that the earth belongs to all of us, therefore we would like the plots we purchase to become of the New Earth, that is, to become of itself again. We hope you realize how important it is (for us humans) to get this done. Living in freedom (even though freedom is within ourselves) on a piece of land is what we are striving for. We hope you see it the same way. Hence our endless volunteer efforts to make this happen. We call on everyone to let as many people as possible know about Free Spirits Community. We still know very little about our collective abilities, but we believe that together we are an incredibly large and beautiful field of power and light. Especially when we connect and work together.

Will you join us in making the earth our own again?

  • Go to the website
  • Click on ‘monthly’ (tab in the middel)
  • Choose € 5 (or more)
  • Fill in your details (so we can keep you informed)
  • Click on pay
  • Spread the word

Thank you so much for your contribution to the New Earth!



Wanted: First or second grade English teacher

We are starting an (online) school for eleven to twenty-two year olds. For this we need teachers of Dutch, English and Math with a first and/or second grade qualification. We already have teachers in Dutch and Math and we are still looking for a teacher in English. Are you or do you know such a teacher? Let us know, so we can start the school after the summer vacations.

Why do you choose for an online school?
First of all, we think it is important that children are behind a screen as little as possible and learn a lot about life outside and inside. We think it is important that children can develop in their own way, with guidance from teachers. The reason we choose online is that we want to give students the opportunity to receive lessons from home. Of course, we make sure that there are physical lessons as well. This can be at our (upcoming) location in the Delft/The Hague area. Teachers will also teach the children locally, so that they receive practical lessons close to home. Village West Netherlands creates workshops where old crafts can be learned. Think of crafts such as woodworking, blacksmithing, gardening, caring, engineering, cooking, etc.

What about exposure to radiation from the computers?
We have figured out very carefully what it takes to create enough study hours online to master the material provided from the government. We deal with that in our own way. So we do ask for a few hours a day of online commitment. Preferably via laptops and not smartphones and tablets. We are well aware of the radiation exposure of the students, which is why we also ask them to do the exercises, which we have prepared, a few meters away from the screen. Radiation, as most people know, decreases quadratically as you move away from the source of radiation. In addition, we believe that we can make children more resilient to radiation. After all, if we as humans can be in a high frequency (radiation), radiation does not have to affect us. You can learn to deal with it.


Update: Complementary Holistic Healing Centers

Annemarijn is on the road daily looking for places that can serve as Complementary Holistic Recovery Centers. That takes a lot of time and energy. Yet she found the time in between to write an update on the work she is doing. She shares it in a blog on the website.

Read the update of Annemarijn

Save the date * 22 July 2022 *

New date
Last time we sent out a Save the Date to get a look at the plot in West Holland. On that day, the current owner says goodbye to the property, so that’s why we’re sending a new Save the Date. Will you put it in the calendar? We are going to have a celebration that day (and maybe the weekend after as well) and we would like you to be there. So are you in the Netherlands on vacation? Then know that something fun is being planned for young and old.

Are you coming to taste the atmosphere at the new earth? Put 22 July in your agenda! More information will follow.

Meet us online

Of course we understand that you might want to get to know us first. Below you will find a number of possibilities to meet us. Would you rather meet us in person? Then we are here for you with a team of sweet people who are happy to talk to you. Feel free to send us a message and we will contact you. Or click on the button below and become a member of our online platform.


Zoom on Sunday

Would you like to know more about us and our project? Every Sunday we organize a Zoom for those who are interested at 7:30 pm. Click on the link below and join us. Meeting ID: 844 0589 7567. Passcode: 110201.
Join us on Sundays at 7:30 p.m.

Video Tour

A beautiful video was made of our physical meetings for investors by Odile. In the video, we present our plan and you can take a moment to enjoy the beautiful property we plan to purchase.
Watch the video (in Dutch) 

Next newsletter

We are experiencing so many great things! Next time we will send you the podcast Niels Lunsing made with us for the Andere Krant. We’ll also be included in the newsletter of New Age Child and visited a special family, who are already living completely self-sufficiently according to the principles of Anastasia.


Do you have questions, want to get in touch or just let us know that we are on the right track? Then please contact us.