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Help Us Create A New Earth

Do you want to spend your money in a sustainable and helpful way? Do you want to contribute to an amazing earth? Do you love freedom and communities?

Do you want to contribute to this on- en offline community(‘s)? Even if you do not have time to contribute as member or a friend you can still help us creating communities. We will be grateful forever!

We are happy to receive any donation, it can even be in a small amount. You can’t imagine how much it will help us. We can use every amount for building a beautiful online and offline community that will help connect free spirits with each other. Also we understand that this might not be your ultimate dream. However we believe you came here because you resonated with Free Spirits Community. You can imagine that creating a community like this, requires big investments: in money and in time. Not only will we use your money in a fair and transparent way, we will also use money we don’t spend to save it so we can start creating real community’s. 

Know that your donation will be used in a beautiful way and that we are upmost thankful for your contribution. 

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation is a great contribution to our community. We have some expenses on building the website and our online platform. The money will be used for these expenses and we will save the rest for reaching our goals. As we progress and when we have enough resources to reach our goal, our community can grow and thrive.


We envision world full of beautiful trees and with plenty of water. The sun lights our hearts and birds are singing. You see the most beautiful colors in nature and people are working, creating, laughing, eating and celebrating together. We are happy, because we use our talents and skills to make something great of the place we live in. We are creating a new (heaven on) earth.

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