Happy Healthy Valley

Happy Healthy Valley

The Healing Valley is a place where you can be healed, because everything in this valley is built on a holistic and natural way of life as is nature’s. Lady Sunshine is building this beautiful area in Tasmania and she is doing a great thing for humanity. She heals people all over the world since she was a little girl, growing up in hospital she healed nurses and the nurses would take her to heal other children. She survived something impossible. She was born with no abdominal wall between the pelvic area and the diaphragm, no muscles or sheeths. All her organs and intestines were not in place when she was born and she survived the surgeries. No one on this planet survived these surgeries. She is the 1st to keep living! She was also born with many natural abilities. Her favourite being the ability to heal.  She has a direct connection with Source and the spiritual world. Which to her is normal. She drew and wrote her plan for healing valleys and would love to connect with you to make this happen all over the world.

She already does live together with her family and her animals

What should Happy Healthy Valley look like?

This is the general outline for the property on 40 acres in Tasmania! We are in the process of gathering funding for the project now.

The front end of the business will be 3 restaurants ALL paddock to plate / farm to table with the property producing all the produce. All separate kitchens so no issues with cross contamination!

  1. A steakhouse all types of meats
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Vegan

Separate and combination dinning so everyone can enjoy their chosen culinary delights either in their chosen meal zone OR in the mixed dining area.

Adjoining the mixed dinning there will be a large wooden dance floor and stage that can be opened right up in summer built in a large oval shape.  open stone wood fires for winter. Underfloor heating via the wood fires thermostat controlled.

The buildings

ALL buildings will be all natural using materials off the property. For example: Cob (mud pie) rammed earth, stone and rocks, hempcrete, wood etc. The property has a large amount of trees on it.

Built with the natural increments so that even the buildings have healing benefits! With a feeling of calmness and well-being about them. With lots of natural light. Solar passive designed for natural heating in winter.

All produce will be organic and grown to be fully nutritious with advanced techniques used for water and soils to gain maximum bio available nutrients in the FOOD.

A healing village with separate zones for detoxification and parasite elimination, immune system rebuilding, and full body immune system reconditioning.

Permanent staff will live on the property with their housing and food supplied to them in exchange for their labour and skills. Some times of the year will be busy and other times there will be more down time.

The main use of the property will be an edible food forest of great diversity, including medicinal herbs, beautifully incorporating healthy round housing utilizing the natural resources on the property. As described above.

The use of many things from ancient knowledge such as stone towers for attracting natural magnetics to help with optimal plant growth will be incorporated into the whole design!

Warmed fresh water swimming pools that incorporates plants and silver in the bio wet and dry filter system for maximum health benefits to all who swim in them.

Using Organic Bio Dynamic principles

It will be run using Organic Bio dynamic principles in a permaculture style with self supporting and sustaining systems within the whole. For example:

  • Wind breaks for protection
  • Contours for optimal water use
  • Companion planting and stocking
  • Mixed use areas
  • Water tanks on ALL buildings
  • Vertical growth stock feeds, like edible bushes, vines and shrubs.
  • Full range of herbs in animal paddocks for self medication facilitating optimal health

Drinking Water will be specially optimized to be harmonized, ph balanced, and molecularly structured for instant uptake, benefiting all plants, animals and people.

Soil will have organic composts and minerals added to re nourish and balance it ensuring Healthy nutrient rich produce!

Many trees will be planted all with a variety of uses for food, medicinal, building materials, habitat, etc…. For example: the miracle tree! (Moringa Oleifera)

Hemp growing for oil, cloth, feed, and building, for example: hemp crete which is strong versatile and natural!

Hemp processing and manufacturing facilities on site to produce end user organic products!

Large white netted areas for a huge variety of berries, fruits and nuts.(planted in spirals) For example Blueberries and local giant cherries! The area is well known for its grape and stone fruit production like Apricots which are a versatile crop who’s kernels are cancer killing.

Lots of flowers will be in between all orchards and gardens to attract pollinating insects and desirable predators. Many bee hives with a raw honey production! 🐝

Large freeze drying equipment for preserving bulk crops with high nutrition quality! Which will be packaged under the business name Lady Sunshine Organics and sold worldwide via the website using Australia Post for delivery.  Being freeze dried also makes it light weight for shipping cost effectiveness.

I would like to make nutritious muesli bars with nuts, seeds and freeze dried fruits. Also whole meals for hiking/camping just add water 💦 which will be sold worldwide via the website.

The construction of deep lakes for fish growing and other aquatic species and greens for animals and people. There are many pure clean creeks on the property.  A Lage variety of water fowl with some being bred for food.

Hot houses for sub tropical food plants naturally heated through winter via hydronic, utilizing solid heat bank back walls.

Animal power will be utilized as much as possible. For example: pigs for garden tractors, chickens for tilling, ponies ànd horses for moving loads.

All machinery and vehicles will be run on bio diesel made from organic oils. This way the property will be truly as man made chemicals free as possible!

Multiple Level Healing

A place to become Healthy on multiple levels and a place of learning so that people can put their new found health knowledge into practical action in their own lives. By doing this they help teach others about true health knowledge also.

I have been helping people become cancer free for 20 years now and I have amassed a great volume of real health knowledge during this journey. Helping others is my life PASSION ❣️

This Happy Healthy Valley will serve to be a template for others!

A natural haven for healthy food and living in harmony with nature❣️

Lady Sunshine 💜🌞🌈