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Have you ever wondered why we sometimes have trouble just being ourselves? Could it be that we live by the standards of others instead of our own? Do you feel completely free these days? What does living in freedom mean to you?

We believe that freedom means that there is no one or nothing that can tell you what you should or should not do. We believe that being truly free means living in Love, Freedom, Nature, Creation, Connection, Harmony, Respect, Abundance and Joy.

To live according to these values, there is much that can be done differently than we do now. We have begun to create our own online and offline community and we truly enjoy living on our own terms. Of course, we hope you feel the same and we invite you to join our movement of Free Spirits worldwide. As a community, we are concerned with three main pillars. In addition, our creativity and inspiration is endless and there are always new actions or projects that we pick up. Will you join us?

Simultaneously with this website (in 2021), the online platform for Free Spirits Community was created. A platform where you can connect with each other (just like on Facebook) on an individual but also on a group level. On this platform we also develop a blueprint for life on the New Earth. Do you have a need to connect with like-minded souls. Would you like to really go for a life according to our values. Are you willing to use your talent and creativity? Then you are more than welcome. Be active and approach other members. Talk to each other or join a space. Help to create the New Earth.

Our villages are about living together, but with their own family place within the land we purchase. We want people to be able to use their talents, to be self-sufficient, to finally do why we are here on earth. In each village there is a common building, where we meet, have courses, workshops and a store. We promote collaborations with other initiatives and the exchange of local products/services. We build our own energy, water and food facilities. We need your support to do this, because buying to realize this is an expensive business.

For the realization of several projects in the Netherlands and abroad, we organize donation campaigns. We find it important that all initiatives that want to create the New Earth are put in the light. We like to work together and it is great that we have the opportunity to do so in this way. We assume a world in abundance: “If everyone gives, everyone lives in abundance”. So the more people who dare to give selflessly and the more people who dare to receive, the more we can get done. It is our ambition to ensure that more and more people can live in freedom in harmony with nature.

Our Values

Love, Freedom, Nature, Harmony,

Creation, Respect, Abundance, Connection, Joy

We Have the Power to Influence Our Future,
And We Are Doing Something About It

How we see the New Earth

Imagine walking in a beautiful forest….

The sun is shining and the wind is blowing gently. All around you birds are singing. It is a beautiful day and you feel great. You take a deep breath and notice how beautifully the sunlight is shining through the trees.

There is an opening in the forest in front of you. And as you walk toward it, you hear sounds of laughter and joy. The sound of children playing freely. The sound of people having fun. Soon a village, a community, becomes more and more visible. The path leading up to it is full of flowers, inviting you to enter the community.

The children come running towards you. They laugh and run after each other because they want to be the first to welcome you. As you let the children lead you further into the community, you see people working in the abundant gardens, making beautiful furniture out of wood, picking the most vibrant flowers you’ve ever seen, preparing fragrant food, building beautiful homes… And they do it all together, with the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen.

In the middle of the community, there is a campfire. A woman sitting next to it waves to you and invites you to sit with her. She offers you a drink and asks how you feel seeing this happy, healthy and thriving community. You are a little overwhelmed. This is everything you had in mind for yourself, but didn’t think would ever exist. The woman sees that you need some time to take it all in and says kindly to you: Feel free to stay as long as you like. Take a good look around and if what you see, hear, taste and feel resonates with you, you are more than welcome to join our community.’

And so begins your journey to your new home, filled with like-minded free people….


Since we started in The Netherlands, some pictures are still Dutch. The picture below says the following: “Donate 5 euro a month and create a New Earth with us”. The picture after that says the following: “If 1 million people donate 5 euro every month, there will be 5 million euro every month to buy land and build Villages. This will be 60 Villages a year and 300 Villages in 5 year.” 

This is the power of working together. Please donate so we can build Villages as soon as possible.

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Do you also feel that it is time for the New Earth and would you like to join us in bridging the gap? Then get in touch with us. We can really use your head, heart and hands and talent. 

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