Free Spirits Community Villages


Free Spirits Community Creates Villages

The reason for starting Free Spirits Community is that there is a deep desire to live closer to nature. To live in a way that is actually meant for people. We do not have to go back to the old days, but we can look at what we really need and make something beautiful out of it. We can then, of course, make the current buildings beautiful and we can choose plots of land where, for example, other forms of housing are possible. We also think that everyone’s own place is important. You are a unique person and you need your own place and space. That is why we build villages. You do a number of things together in a village and you also have your own individuality within it.

Free Spirits Community is creating a blueprint for New Earth Villages. This blueprint can be used again in other places to get started. We know that there are already many initiatives that do the same and therefore we like it when those initiatives are shown here on the website. In this way more and more people can see that the New Earth is already there. We only have to decide inwardly to step on it.

Building Villages

Do you, like us, also want so badly to create that New Earth? To create a Village, two main ingredients are absolutely necessary:

1. Land

2. A group of do-ers

We have created a blueprint, so would you like to get started building a Village yourself? Then get in touch with us.