Choice Free With Me


Keuze Vrij Bij Mij (Choice Free With Me) will be the digital platform where you can easily find providers where everyone will always be welcome without a test or vaccine. Do you also want to live your life in freedom? Then join us, support our crowdfunding and share this with as many people as possible.

The ‘test society’ and the ‘corona passport’ are threatening to become reality. Soon you will not be allowed to enter events, restaurants, doctors, dentists, shops and other public buildings if you are not tested or vaccinated. Just like you, we are in favor of free choice regarding body and health.¬† will ensure that even without a vaccination or test, you will still have access to all the services and products you need to live a happy and free life. The rapidly growing group of freedom-loving Dutch people also includes many providers, where everyone is always welcome.

By bringing supply and demand together, we ensure there is sufficient exchange of products and services to meet everyone’s needs and to continue living together in freedom.


With the funds from the crowdfunding we will build the platform and immediately start recruiting providers throughout the country. As soon as the platform is ready and there are enough providers on it, we will also promote it nationwide.

The costs of building the platform are one-off. The maintenance and continuous improvement of the platform will be paid for by the income from the affiliated providers and regular donors.

The digital platform is only the first step, because together we will also develop new initiatives that contribute to a free and human society in The Netherlands.