Feel freely

In our challenging times it is difficult to find and connect with people and businesses sharing the same beliefs. People and businesses that carry the FeelFreely symbol or Emoji are open to meet each other in freedom regardless of age πŸ”’, gender 🚻, health status βœ… or facial coverage 😷.

The FeelFreely movement started in the Netherlands and carries the β€˜four-leaf clover’ symbol and Emoji πŸ€ as a symbol for hope, trust, love and good luck, but above all for our freedom. Freedom, which is worldwide under pressure


Β The FeelFreely symbol consists of four green hearts joining forces creating a radiating star of energy in between them.

The symbol can be used to welcome people and invite them to come into your house, into your business or into your life. You can use it on your website πŸ•Έ and social media πŸ“± or print it for example on stickers πŸ“°, flags πŸ³β€πŸŒˆ, t-shirts πŸ‘•and hoodies πŸ‘š.

The β€˜four-leaf clover’ Emoji πŸ€ can be used on the internet πŸ’» and social media πŸ“±. You can also use the Emoji in search engines πŸ” to find like-minded people and businesses. Just search on Google using the Emoji πŸ€ and add some keywords!

The FeelFreely symbol can be used free of charge and is are very accessible. The Emoji πŸ€ is very easy to use on every device and with application like Google, Duckduckgo, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

FeelFreely, to find and connect each other!


As a member, you get access to our platform where we collaborate, share ideas, be in action and create our new earth together. If you want to harness your talent, feel free to be yourself with us. We love connecting you to like-minded people.Β 

Feel free to


As a friend you warmly appreciate what we do. You do not want to live in a community, but you support our work and would like to connect. Of course you will get offers from our community. Such as retreats, products and more.

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As a sponsor you highly appreciate what we do. You do not want to be involved in the creating process, but you see that a new earth is something valuable and you just want to support us. We will be grateful forever.Β 

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As an investor, may it be big or small, you make it possible for us to buy land and property and make our project come to action. Of course we will not let you go empty handed and will make you an offer you can not refuse.

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