Free State Wonderland


Free State Wonderland

Whereas in the Netherlands it is about citizens, persons or citizen service numbers, Wonderland’s society only knows people. That difference is very important, because Dutch law does not know people; that word does not appear in any law book. Wonderland has no laws either. Our Declaration of Independence states that in Wonderland only unwritten Natural Law applies. That can be summarized in 1 line: “treat the other as you would like to be treated yourself”.

History of Wonderland

Since December 11, 2015, when the regimes of Germany and the Netherlands were overrun in a violent action and have been occupied ever since, Wonderland was forced into exile according to the rules of the International Treaty of Montevideo (1931). There is a positive side to that unpleasant event in 2021: we are still allowed to act as if we were a country; even though our territory is occupied by hostile powers. And that is very convenient, now that the Corona crisis has more or less taken over almost all countries in the world.

While many of our residents are forced to stay in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, they can increasingly make use of the parallel society that we can develop from Wonderland, without us having to worry about houses, maintenance, social services, education, hospitals and the like. In Wonderland, which was as a former horseshoe-shaped ditch between the Netherlands and Germany, we started in 2015 completely blank to develop a society, which is humane in all respects.

Or in other words a society, which in the countries around us with unexpected and large-scale tyranny and curtailment of fundamental rights, can now only be dreamed of. With the prospects of a Big Reset and the increasing rollout of a surveillance state, in which citizens are no longer even protected by judges, Wonderland can become a safe haven, where eventually so many people participate, that we can shape that parallel society. A time will come when the Netherlands and Germany will have to give up their occupation of our country.


Wonderland principles

  • Wonderland will not participate in the Euro. The power of big business, bankers and government interference is at odds with a society in which people decide together what is good for their society. Wonderland makes use of the Florine, a value stable digital currency. So no inflation, deflation or other tampering with its value. A currency that is no more than a neutral medium of exchange. A flexible link to the Euro enables people to increasingly convert their interests in the Euro into the Florine.
  • Wonderland has no laws; where it would be necessary, one could think of rules of conduct. And where there are people and thus disputes arise, a “court” has mainly a mediating role to achieve a win-win situation. And in Wonderland, all residents determine what is needed in the country and the “government” does nothing but carry out these wishes and decisions. Decisions are taken on the basis of consent (= no objections), so that there are no 51% winners and 49% losers.
  • What is called education in other countries is actually non-education (wisdom is subordinate). Real education means that the child is at the center of learning. Learning takes place in life itself and not behind a digital blackboard and a laptop. Now that in the countries around us the children’s souls are in danger of being murdered by mouth masks, mandatory PCR tests and “voluntary” vaccinations, we can experiment abundantly via home education and B3 schools.
  • The “Western” lifestyle guarantees a lifelong need for medical care from and by Big Pharma. It is the government that determines what will and will not be reimbursed and that determines how much money you have to pay per month for health insurance. That can hardly be called health care; let alone that the coercive system motivates people to a healthier lifestyle. That’s why Wonderland is working on a solidarity community, which we have been developing in the Netherlands for two years under the name Artabana. Originally from Switzerland in the nineties, it has grown especially large in Germany since 2003. Key point: 100% freedom of choice for any type of treatment.
  • For our daily food, we are now much dependent on supermarkets and factory food. A complicated and environmentally unfriendly food chain, which has little to do with health and the environment. Local food circles, farm stores and food cooperatives are a trajectory, which is in full development to reduce dependence on multinational corporations and a soured agricultural system. And let’s not forget to include the many tens of thousands of people with vegetable gardens.
  • Wonderland has no buildings yet and therefore no energy needs. In the countries around us we see a multi-billion dollar operation to eliminate the environmentally friendly natural gas from society at the expense of wind and solar energy. The disadvantages of this are widely glossed over in the public debate. But also the word -energy saving- has silently disappeared. Because the dream of all those in power, the control state based on 5G, with all the associated data centers, consumes gigantic amounts of energy. So if health aspects are not allowed to count, then just for the sake of energy saving, the rollout of the 5G network should be stopped immediately. It won’t be in Wonderland; on the contrary, sophisticated planting and appropriate construction will certainly provide our little country with some protection in the future.


Taking care of ourselves

In summary, we can conclude that we do not have to become victims of a Big Reset, but that there is every opportunity to join forces and work on our parallel society as inhabitants of Wonderland. All you have to do is register as a flesh-and-blood human being as a Wonderland resident. There is no harm in that, because your Natural Person = the citizen will simply remain registered at your current location. Being a resident of Wonderland is free and you can work on the parallel society from day 1. You can find us on Telegram too.

Written by:
luca:van dinter, 12 april 2021