We are (a)live

After a wonderful session in the beginning of March 2021 I asked myself: “What is my purpose”. Not long after that I started to write down my ideas. In the summer of 2020 I started a group and we were looking for property to buy and to start a community on. As time went by, life hit me and we were a bit more silent. The moment I decided to start to create again and do nice things. The group began to grow. It is a group of moren than 800 people, sharing great information about living self sustainable and gardening, but also about spirituality, consciousness, community life, building houses, permaculture etc. 

Free Spirits Community was born

I asked the question: “Who would like to help creating offline communities” and suddenly 50 people were enthusiastic and we started having online meetings. I explained what I had seen during my session and people agreed this would be a good idea to start with. In the meanwhile, more and more people joined our ‘working group’ and they came with great ideas too. We decided it would be good to organize our ‘work’ and we made this website to show the world about our plans and tell them about what our new earth could be. We are in creation mode. The website is now live and more information will be added along the way. In a few weeks we build this website, so we are very happy we are online now.

The core team of Free Spirits Community worked very hard to accomplish this and I am most grateful for this. We will continu creating a warm and welcoming place for every one that is interested in living in communities. 

The online Free Spirits Community

We created another great thing. An online community where we can work together and connect with each other as well as with other initiatives, that would like to organize their groups. 

What can you do in this online platform?

  1. Create your own profile, upload a photo, upload a banner, post something on your own profile
  2. Thinking and acting in the ‘space’ for which you have signed up
  3. Picking up tasks for the organization of the community through the General Announcements
  4. Picking up tasks from your ‘space’ (working groups)
  5. Socializing in the general ‘Social & Events space’
  6. Connecting with individual users

Who are we looking for?

  • Moderators for the various workgroups (we will have a short intake with you)
  • Website administrators (for maintaining the website)
  • Translators (offer website in multiple languages)
  • Webshop builders
  • Financial experts (to calculate the plans)
  • Legal experts (for setting up the foundation, denomination, purchasing land, any notarial deeds and contracts)
  • Connectors (people who make contact with other initiatives/projects/companies that can join us and/or with individuals who have the same goal)
  • Organizing, planning, process and structured people (e.g. to keep track of the steps and also to be able to divide tasks)
  • Collectors (of ideas and information for the development of the platform)
  • Librarians (for the clear display of important knowledge and information within the online platform)
  • Supporters (for taking care of people when they are having a hard time, or just don’t flow with the Free Spirits Community anymore).

Security online community

  • The data of payments is kept in the payment system for the time being.
  • The online community is equipped with security certificates and we have had it set up by awakened IT people, so security is well taken care of online.
  • We handle your data with care and therefore do not ask for more than a first and last name + email address + city + province + country (← with this we can, if desired at a later stage, also connect people on a local level)
  • The registration process already creates some barriers to just entering, hence we also use these to know that people are serious.
  • We hold weekly online introductions with people to get them started within the online community.
  • We have a Code of Honour that ensures we can call each other out on unwanted behavior.
  • We have a two-week probationary period for both parties.

How does the registration work?

  1. You look at the website and choose a form that you want to join (member, friend, sponsor)
  2. You make a payment and immediately after payment you are directed to a page where you can sign up (so do not miss it)
  3. By registering you agree to the terms and conditions and the Code of Honour
  4. You first register with your email address
  5. You will receive an email and after clicking on the link you will be asked some questions (we want to admit people who are seriously interested and we think security is also important)
  6. You will receive a confirmation mail
  7. We will assign you to the right ‘spaces’ (working groups) and you can then think and act in the online community.

Other things to know

  • The main language of the website is English for now, it is still being translated, we may have started in the Netherlands, but since the world is our playing field, we decided to start in English, so we can work internationally right away. There is already contact with some foreign initiatives.
  • The online community environment is set to English by default, but is automatically adapted to the language a person’s computer is set to. The language will be Dutch for the time being, but this may gradually change to English as soon as more international initiatives join us.

We hope you have a lot of fun and feel free within the community. Think in terms of possibilities and support each other where you can. Let’s make it something beautiful together.

If you feel you want to be part of our community you are most welcome to click the button below and…