Why Free Spirits

Nowadays more and more people start to realize there is more to life than industries, pollution, over consumption, war and destruction. To shift our consciousness towards freedom, love, light, harmony, peace, abundance and joy, we believe we will raise the frequency of ourselves so we create a new earth. For us and the generations after us.


What We Do

This community of free spirits will do everything to make people aware of their unlimited potential and to create a new earth together. We believe it is possible if we combine and join our strength and talents. We really feel this movement is a way to live up to our highest values. Do you want to join? We need a lot of like minded free spirits to help this platform become known everywhere on this planet. And we seek for free spirits that could help us with several topics.

What We Need

Legal advise

In order to buy our own land we need legal advise to make sure our land is ours.

Financial advise

To be financially healthy we need an accounting and taxes specialist to make calculations about our projects.

Content writing

Do you like to interview people, make a video, write a story, create content for this platform? 


Are you good at ‘selling’ this idea to sponsors and companies and push the right messages around the world?

Events coordinator

Do you like to plan and organize online and offline events? 

Join Our Movement

Join the movement of Free Spirits worldwide now. We would be very happy to welcome you in this warm and loving community.