An interview with Jorinde

Karianne did an interview with Jorinde, who started Free Spirits Community in February 2021. She asked several questions about her life and her vision on building community’s. Jorinde’s biggest dream is to create a new earth where people can live in freedom and in harmony with nature. 



Free Spirits Community and Spirituality

What is the role of spirituality within Free Spirits Community?
What has not really been mentioned yet on this website is the spiritual part. I would like to share about that, because a Free Spirit you are not just that, you need a certain consciousness for that. Or insights.’

What is spirituality to you?
‘Inspiration is a form of spirituality. My company is called JorInspiration. So for me it is like this: I get inspiration, I do something with it or tell it to someone. Or a plan is naturally shaped into a form.’

In my experience, inspiration is the in-coming spirit. Spiraled with information from the source or from ‘above’ or whatever you want to call it. I see it as a spiral funnel that enters your being, that’s how information comes in, it ‘incarnates’ and could be materialized through writing, speaking, behavior or creatively, through your hands. Then it spirals back up/back to the source.’

‘I first saw it clearly when I gave a workshop (Create Your Future). We did a visualization and the image of this spiralling inspiration came in strongly. You may have learned before that white light enters your crown chakra and flows through your body via your feet into earth and back up again. But this time I felt we had to continue and not stop at the  middle of the earth, but go through the earth and let the energy circulate in all directions.’ I drew this shape before and the drawing is now the logo of Free Spirits Community.

Inspiration comes from the source, and that does not necessarily come from above in your body. The connection with the source is inside you, in the center point inside your body. I see that as a white light that you can radiate throughout your body and beyond.’

‘When talking about spirituality, I believe it is picking up inspiration and materialize it, bring it into matter. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s big. Free Spirits Community is big. I’ve walked several paths in my life, but this is so deeply embedded in me and it’s now time to manifest it.

The Start Of Free Spirits Community 

How did Free Spirits Community arise?
The trigger for Free Spirits Community was a special ceremony I participated in. I feel a lot of connection with the Indians and a lot of things came up during the ceremony. I kept asking myself: ‘What is my purpose?’ I didn’t get an answer to that, of course, because that’s not how it goes. I said: ‘At least give me a sneak peak of the future’ and it was so beautiful that I felt: ‘I want to go for it’. I have also experienced what it is like to change form (to die), what that was like in terms of energy transition and that was not scary or unpleasant at all. It was just a transition into a different kind of matter.

Yet many people are afraid of death. Especially in today’s times. It is a grieving process for many people. It brings darkness to light and it invites you to turn inward and deal with what is there. That could be letting go of what no longer serves you, or just being grateful for the things that make you happy.

How can you handle grief and build a new foundation?
We have been going through a grieving process during these times.

Now it is time to lay a new foundation. Personally I have no fear of anything anymore since that ceremony. What I felt was this: ‘Just show what we can do as human beings. Just stand up for who you are and don’t be tempted by a fear scenario.’

‘All those prophets who talk about doomsday, they are creating the end of the earth’. So, why are we doing that? If we have to survive I believe there are plenty of options for us.

During this ‘journey into myself’ I have addressed the darkness and asked it: ‘Why don’t you stop?’ And there was no answer to that either, but I was able to communicate with it. I had anchored myself with the white light inside me around my heart, so I could see very neutrally what the game is like when it comes to light and dark and also what roles we play and that we should play it. Without being dependent. Ever since the ceremony I thought ‘Now I want to start something’. I had already started with the group Self-SustainingBeing last year. And a few months ago I thought: ‘let me ask the people in this group a question…’

‘Who wants to create communities with me?’
And then I just started. I wrote down how I see a new earth for myself. The flow of inspiration never stops. I organized meetings online and offline. There were immediately 50 applications from people who wanted to participate.

The group is very diverse and that’s why a framework is sometimes necessary. Organizing, has been my job for 20 years. I’ve always been an office manager and in recent years I did a lot of process optimization at companies so they could continue to grow. So I looked at how systems could support the organizations in a way that it serves the employees and promoted the growth of an organization.

I have always loved people and groups. I love showing people their potential as human beings. I like to make dreams come true, especially those of others. In my introduction in the first minutes of the meetings, you can read a little bit more about my history. The community feeling I have comes from my connection with Indians, villages with teepees and living together in unity with nature. I have moved often in my life, so I already feel like a nomad, and I can adapt well to any environment.

What do you have to keep in mind when creating a community?
A lot of beliefs come up when you form a group. And when you talk about building a life form together, you can ask some questions, for example: Who connects with each other? And who is on a different frequency? There are ways to find that out. Inner child work is something I see as a form to free ourselves from pain and suffering, which also serves the group process. In addition, taking a close look at limiting beliefs is also very useful. I did an NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and followed many international trainings/workshops in the field of spirituality and personal development. Also received coaching to be able to see and transform everything I was ‘suffering’ from in myself. By facing fears and going through them. By living through it. I grew up with spirituality and as a small child I went to lectures of Mrs. Zohra Noach. I learned to draw mandalas when I was 9 years old and have integrated this form of creation into my workshops. I was always busy raising people’s awareness, seeing, hearing and feeling things that they themselves did not (yet) see and I was always concerned with nature and pointing out to people what is beautiful in them. I really see myself as the biggest supporter of people and preferably help them to realize their dreams. So I always tell people when I talk to them, ‘be careful what you wish for’, it can just suddenly come true :-).

Where will the communities be created?
We started this plan from the Netherlands, but we are also working for bigger picture. We collect plans and work on it together. For example, we are now making lists of possible locations to realize our dreams. I believe we may learn to go from thinking individually to thinking as a whole. For example, I myself am bound to the Utrecht region because of co-parenting, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be involved in building communities elsewhere. As long as they will be build, that is the goal. We are creating a blueprint that can also be used in other places. As a big goal, we want to establish 3 communities in the Netherlands by this summer.

Free Spirits Community And Other Initiatives 

What about connecting with other initiatives?
Besides building communities it is good that we connect. That we show all the initiatives that are already in place to create the new earth. We will bring together all the people who have a certain amount of knowledge on a particular subject and they will elaborate on it. They get their own space within the platform we have built. And we can bring together all the initiators. Bringing all the initiatives together and connecting them is important. In the new earth there we are a whole and everyone is part of it, without competition.

How do you deal with values and agreements?
We are a collective consciousness, there is no need for borders and countries. I never understood that anyway. Why does someone determine for you how you should live, and where you live? Of course you make certain agreements with each other, it seems obvious to me and in my experience those agreements are about values. You can then hold any agreement or any issue against those values. So that’s how we started by writing down those values.

When you make agreements, it’s good to know that you can rely on them. If you feel secure within yourself, you don’t need security outside, and that’s where we’re heading, but as long as we’re not there yet, security is provided by those values.

We’d like to do a survey, to understand ‘what’s going on with people?’ how are we going to turn that into values in a community. And at the same time I think; ‘when we are all with ourselves we have the freedom to choose what we want’.

What I think is very important is that people are honest about what they feel, even if that means if they can’t help or can’t make it. Clear communication is also important. Expressing ones honesty. Clearly and without judgment. Also without shame or guilt. And thinking in terms of solutions and possibilities is important. We are so inclined to see how things cannot be done. Ask yourself, ‘How can it be done or, even better, who could do it?’ I like to see these values especially reflected in working together: honesty, trust, communication, vulnerability, responsibility.

The values on this website are a little different, they are about being human, they are more universal values for all people. It’s about our desires. And those are kind of the same for almost everybody. Most people will agree with us on that.

In the end I prefer to just telepathize. At least then you’ll have the right info right away and then it’s done with all the communication breakdowns. We can do so much more than we think. I have a feeling that this is also the future. When, I don’t know, but it would be nice if we remember again who we really are and what we can do.

Do you want to participate?
So for now we are looking for people who feel and want the same. All contributions are welcome, whether it’s a donation or joining our goals through a membership (in both cases you get access to the online community).

In the next blog, we’ll get into what a community can look like.

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