Our economy: are we on the right path?

Despite all efforts to improve the economic system, our current economic system still has many serious flaws and is still highly destructive in many ways.

But many of us are sick and tired of this and would like to see an earthly paradise blossom. Many of us want to see a world where the health of nature comes first, where every individual counts, and where we live in a healthy society.

Questions to ask ourselves

 When I dream aloud about such a world, other people often shut me up. I am then told that this is unrealistic and idealistic. I am then told that I better keep my feet on the ground and that the hope that I cherish is in vain. It seems that many of the people have stopped dreaming and have given up the dream of a more beautiful world.

But I don’t want to accept this. I am a stubborn person and believe from the bottom of my heart that an earthly paradise is possible because countless times humanity has already proved to have a wonderful resilience and creativity.

I am also hopeful because I believe that the human soul has a bottomless potential to create an earthly paradise, and this potential can be awakened by developing ourselves and helping others through this developmental process.

I do not want to be confused and want to actively use myself to stimulate this potential in myself and others so that the dream of an earthly paradise transforms itself into an imminent reality.

I invite you to dream with me and discover how we can spark this potential so that we can help a worldly paradise blossom.

Stimulating this wondrous potential, as well as how we can help the earthly paradise blossom from an economic perspective, are the two themes I want to focus on in writing these blog posts.

Some questions that I want to explore with you in blog posts like this one are:

  • How do we stimulate that part of ourselves that can create this dream of an earthly paradise?
  • What harmonious alternatives exist next to our ailing economic system and how can we apply these in our own lives and in a small-scale to large-scale community?
  • Are there certain types of entrepreneurship that do not harm nature and rather contribute to a healthy nature?
  • What might an enterprise or business in the earthly paradise look like?
  • What might an average workday of an average worker in the earthly paradise look like?
  • How can we each individually contribute to the creation of an earthly paradise from an economic perspective?
  • How can we restore beauty in our economy?
  • What values ​​would the economy of this earthly paradise aspire to?
  • How can we create an economy that will restore a healthy balance between giving and taking on Earth?

Asking these questions spontaneously arises in me a feeling of enthusiasm, intuitively many images and ideas emerge that seem to represent the earthly paradise.

This tells me that the earthly paradise is a dream that is indeed a possibility, or as Napoleon Hill once quoted, “Whatever the mind of man can think and believe, it can achieve.”

We also have that advantage, we do not have to do this alone. On our path to the earthly paradise there are numerous signposts that guide us and help us move forward.

There are people from the past who show us the way like Mahatma Gandhi, but there are also many guides in the present who can help us move forward. Spontaneously, I think of people like Charles Eisenstein and Vandana Shiva.

These people act as guides on the way to the earthly paradise. Using these guides’ wisdom, the path to the earthly paradise becomes clear, and if we do get lost, their wisdom makes it easier for us to find the path again.

Also during these blog posts I want to make use of these guides’ wisdom, together with you and I they walk along on our voyage of discovery towards the earthly paradise.

So we are not alone on this voyage of discovery. We can support and help each other in this reality, together we are strong.

This was my introduction blog post for the Free Spirits Community, I look forward to this adventure with a heart full of enthusiasm and I like to walk it together with you.

Until the next blog post.


About the author:

Sven is a 23 year old Mindfulness and Meditation coach which is also active as facilitator of Psych-K. Sven furthermore also writes frequently about various topics, and is also chief strategist and digital content creator for Connected Souls.