Ecovillage Portugal

Portugal is a country where very many people per square kilometer are working on an alternative reset for the big reset.

We want to connect to this movement in Portugal with an initiative that has been on paper for a long time. We start from the premise that humans can best be in healthy connection in their own natural environment and are less likely to degenerate. Degeneration is the order of the day worldwide. The rules of governments will not curb this. This downward sickening process can be 100% reversed into a positive development of Man, Animal, Plant and Earth.

Finding the Holy Grail within ourselves

The divine gift of a piece of land, where you may stay unconditionally for the rest of your life, is described in the wonderful stories of Vladimir Megre as well as in the life wisdom of: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Peter Deunov (founder of the Universal White Brotherhood of initiates). This wisdom of man is specifically elaborated more deeply and practically in Antrophosophy. To participate in the project you don’t have to be a Buddha, Church-goer or Antroposophist or understand everything. Antrophosophy as brought by Rudolf Steiner has been put into the hearts of people to connect all wisdom from around the world. We want to realize this divine wisdom on earth with everyone’s contribution of love and wisdom, and helped by the being of, among others, the above mentioned inspirers Sofia and Antroposofia ( antropos= Man Sofia= wisdom)!

In the present time in which we usually make one mistake after another like a foolish Parcival, we want, like Parcival, to finally discover the Holy Grail within ourselves by connecting with positive joyful spiritual and natural laws which serve human development.


Why Ecovillage Portugal 

We assume that in every person the ‘good’ is present and can be awakened. Espaço de Vida’ will be a special village that will be built by inspired social artists with knowledge of nature and the environment. We want to offer space for people and nature to reconnect with the roots of existence.
We want to offer a counterweight to discontentment, mortality and disease among humans, animals, plants and stone/mineral.

We no longer have time to take to the streets to protest for better living conditions.
Instead, we are going to concretely help the poor and needy. In doing so, we form a society that relieves municipalities and governments of their care.
Think of your own sewage treatment, your own energy and electricity, your own food, your own housing, your own land, your own drinking water, and a sovereign state.

What works well is the creation of communities and villages on practical social artistic foundations.
We are the opposite of a sect which is not open about its goals, wants to control everything, does not accept comments, censors, forces people into a corner and thus mainly creates unfreedom by wanting to decide and rule over others.

It is becoming increasingly clear to us that well-organized ecological villages with a clear objective, for which everyone chooses freely, offer a total solution to countless ‘problems’ in our current society. Because man is generally the only being who has thought of needing money to live, we ask for your support to be able to start our first sub project.


We stand for space to live 

Translated into Portuguese it is ‘Espaço de Vida’.

To be clear: There is no land or fixed place yet. We are thinking of the Alentejo. This is a rather arid parched area that needs some care and professionalism to come back to life. We are an initiative that wants to start this year (2021) in Portugal based on freedom and love.

We are going to realize a beautiful ecological village together with artists and life artists, nature lovers and all kinds of other sweet people. In the future we will also offer a place to people who need help. We assume that people in their own natural environment can best connect with themselves and have less chance of degenerating. His immediate environment will nurture and guide him. This is described in the books of Vladimir Megre, among others, and more deeply in antroposophy. In this case, this environment will be an ecological, green, vibrant and organically designed village with many enthusiastic people.