Thank you very much for your membership, friendship or sponsorship!

We are very pleased you are supporting our online and offline community. Know that your donation will be used in a beautiful way and that we are upmost thankful for your contribution. If you wish to join our online community. Please read on.

Registration for the online community

Each profile (member, friend, sponsor) will have different possibilities within the online community. A place where we work together to create a new earth. A place to connect, share and just be ourselves. A place where we connect with other initiatives too and a place where we have our own marketplace. We hope you would like to be part of this, so we explain a little bit about the process of registration. 

  1. Read our Terms & Conditions
  2. Read our Code of Honour
  3. By registering you automatically accept our Terms & Conditions and our Code of Honour
  4. Click on the green button below to start registration with an e-mail address (new screens opens). Please make sure your e-mail address of the payment and the e-mail address for registration are the same. Please check your spam!
  5. You will receive an e-mail to register
  6. Fill out the form with your first name, last name, e-mail address, location and group.
  7. Our team will approve your registration after a payment check (this may take a while, sometimes a day)
  8. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you are registered.
  9. Log on to the online community
  10. Once you are in the community you will get a short tour by the platform its self. Please read the text and answer the questions in the ‘Welcome Space’.
  11. We will help you getting used to the online community.


We wish you lots of fun in this loving and warm community where you can be a free spirit. 


We envision world full of beautiful trees and with plenty of water. The sun lights our hearts and birds are singing. You see the most beautiful colors in nature and people are working, creating, laughing, eating and celebrating together. We are happy, because we use our talents and skills to make something great of the place we live in. We are creating a new (heaven on) earth.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation is a great contribution to our community. We have some expenses on building the website and our online platform. The money will be used for these expenses and we will save the rest for reaching our goals. Below you will find a timeline with goals and the money we need to reach each goal. As we progress and when we have enough resources to reach our goal, our community can grow and thrive.