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There are a lot of beautiful initiatives creating a new earth. We connected with this groups and now create a new earth together. We are the first online community that started this in the Netherlands and we did our very best to make a wonderful place and space for each initiative. Have a look and if you feel one of the initiatives is yours, get in touch with them. It is very important that you choose what resonates with your heart.

In our online community, each initiative has their own ‘space’. They can socialize, chat and create together. We also have one ‘space’ for all the owners of the initiatives, so we can connect and share experiences. Everyone in the online community, no matter what initiative can get in touch with each other. Our goal is to connect and create community’s together.

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As a member you get access to our platform where collaborate, share ideas, take action and create our new earth together. If you like to use your talents, just be free and be yourself. We would be happy to connect you to likeminded people.

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As a friend you warmly appreciate what we do. You do not want to live in a community, but you support our work and would like to connect. Of course you will get offers from our community. Such as retreats, products and more.

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As a sponsor you highly appreciate what we do. You do not want to be involved in the creating process, but you see that a new earth is something valuable and you just want to support us. We will be grateful forever. 

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Upcoming Events





Outdoor meeting Limburg

We will finally meet each other in real life. We are going to walk and talk. Of course we will enjoy nature. We can dream about our future together. 


Outdoor meeting Zuid-Holland

We will plan the next actions and brainstorm about ideas to raise consciousness about our community.


We envision world full of beautiful trees and with plenty of water. The sun lights our hearts and birds are singing. You see the most beautiful colors in nature and people are working, creating, laughing, eating and celebrating together. We are happy, because we use our talents and skills to make something great of the place we live in. We are creating a new (heaven on) earth.

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